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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are log homes energy efficient?                        
A:  Absolutley.  Built properly and with proper materials a log home can be as efficient as any!  Dont take my word for it, check out his link, ( www.loghomes.org/uploads/The%20Energy%20Performance%20of%20Log%20Homes1.PDF ) or my testomonials page to read real results.

Q:  What is a "Hybrid" log home?

A:  A Hybrid log home is actually anything but a log home.  Its a convential building method thats been around for decades that only incorporates in log aesthetics.  You could also hear the terms  "Timberframe" or even "Modular"  all could be considered log as much as the next but none are actually log homes!

Q:  Are "Hybrid" log homes more energy efficient then log homes?

A: NO.  Truth is, a log home CAN be just as energy efficient (or more) as any conventional or hybrid home on the market.  The key is a good product and builder!  One without the other and you end up getting less then you desire regardless of the type of product.   Typically "Hybrid" builders want to compare themselves to the worst products on the market to emphasize thier strengths.  People should see past this sales gimic and understand that any good product or builder wouldn't compare themselves to someone who uses 2x4's.  To be the best you must compare yourself to the best and we open our model doors to that challenge anytime.  

Q:  Are log homes cheaper than conventional building?

A:  No.  Acutally the opposite.  With a brick or vinyl sided house you think of hardwood floors as an upgrade.  Now build your floors, walls and ceiling with wood and thicker wood at that.  Then there is the mecahnicals.  HVAC, Electric and Plumbing all cost more to install in a log than a conventional.  Log home construction is one of the most expensive building methods out there; especially if done correctly and with quality materials.  


Q:  Do you offer "turn-key" completion?

A:  Yes.  We offer full turn key and partial job completion.  Most companies that dont offer the building of the home, do so becuase, they know their product and want to distance themselves from the upcoming issues as soon as possible.  Then blame the builder for everything that goes wrong.  Its the main reason that you should look for one person to take care of everything you dont want to do personally. 

Q:  How long does it take to build a log home.

A:  There are a lot of variables that contribute to this question but, with a 4-5 person crew on a 2000sq ft home, you could figure 8 months from start to finish.  This could easily be sped up with more people in a crew, but faster is not always better.  To better maintain our quality product we limit the size of our crews and empahsize "right" rather than fast.  Other things like, precut packages and experience can make a big diffrence in this timeline.

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